Apply Now! One year and Six month Courses on:

>> Holistic Education
>> Science and Management for Sustainability

Nurturing Earth Consciousness

Connect with gardens, wilderness spaces and co - travellers to get a deep appreciation of our embeddedness with Gaia, our living Bhoomi / Earth.

Re- Envision Education

To humanise learning for the child and respond to ecological realities; to look for root level solutions for root level problems...

Learn in a way that enlivens you...

Through group participatory learning, cutting edge curriculum, field visits, interactions with pioneers and great teachers, hands on work and more.

Think like an ecosystem!

To understand holistic science, interconnectedness and complexities of the web of life; to develop a systems view of life, to use principles of nature in human communities...

Listen to your inner call to work for change!

As a teacher, a social entrepreneur or green careerist - join the growing movement of those who want to make a difference through positive action.

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Admissions open for
1 year and 6 month courses

1. Holistic Education

For those interested in learning from life, learning for life... and wish that children can do so too!Great space for would be educators / facilitators - offered in collaboration with Prakriya Green Wisdom School.

2. Science and Management for Sustainable Living

If you want to convert your green impulses and dreams to a real life career or to activities like farming, social enterprises related to organic food, renewable energy water conservation...check out this course

Talks and articles by our visiting faculty and facilitators

A New Paradigm

Mr. Satish Kumar

The next stop for the green movement is to launch itself from the platform of a big vision of universal harmony, says Satish Kumar in this article. Otherwise we remain a mere collection of pressure groups and self-serving organizations, busy seeking bigger funds, more members, and media headlines tweaking policies and business decisions here and there.

Why is Food allowed to Travel across Continents ?

Devinder Sharma

Why is Food allowed to Travel across Continents? Why not popularise local products and local markets? Devinder Sharma writes of the dangers of food shipped across continents – grown in one, processed and repacked elsewhere and shipped back to the country from where it all started.

What Every Indian should know about Indian Agriculture

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Extracts from her talk at the Bhoomi conference on Food, Health and Climate Change (2009): Seed monopoly, patenting and arm-twisting by corporations in cahoots with government policies are encouraging the agrarian crisis. But encouraging seed sovereignty, ecological agricultural processes and direct distribution could tilt the balance in the farmer’s favour.

Communities, Conservation and Development

Ashish Kothari

In this article Ashish Kothari writes of the role of indigenous peoples and local communities in conserving land and marine territories for millennia... it is only just emerging that these sites could be powerful arenas of working out strategies for a sustainable and equitable future for the whole planet.

Globalisation versus Community

Helena Norberg-Hodge

In this article she writes of a society today is faced with a choice between two divergent paths. The path endorsed by government and industry leads towards an ever more globalised economy. The other path is being built from the grassroots, and leads towards strong local economies in which producer-consumer links are shortened.

The Creative Relation of Whole and Part

Philip Franses

In this article he postulates a simple shift in the relation of whole to parts. Normally we imagine the wholeas something already there and the parts as the logical constituents…the whole comes into being through the part; and the part is representative of the whole. This article explores the dilemmas in this circular definition of and explores another approach.